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Commercial Photographer & Videographer Dubai, Qatar, Singapore

Commercial Video

Commercial photography is very important for your business and that’s why you’re here.

The commercial promo video will increase your profit and brand awareness over the social media, guaranteed. Our cinematic commercial videography targets any type of business: food, constructions, interior, car sales, insurance, property, etc. literally any kind of business.

Commercial Photographer in Dubai, Qatar, Singapore

Our passion is creating professional, unique & creative editorial and commercial photographs. Whether it’s shooting food, industrial, advertising imagery, commercial products, or architecture, inside and out – we love to create the kind of images that viewers find captivating, intriguing and occasionally breath-taking. Photography is a powerful and essential means of communication in the modern day, because it not only conveys “a thousand words” but does so in an instant. This is even more true when quality commercial photography is combined with an equally high standard of copywriting, illustration and design, the message delivered is an order of magnitude greater than the sum of its parts.

As commercial photographers we strive to help your customers “see” your business in a way that they may not have noticed before and help deliver your chosen story or message by presenting your people, products, service or ethos in a professional, creative and engaging way.

Peter Lane Commercial Photography has been operating for over 11 years providing exceptional photographic & post-production services to our clients in Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and Internationally. If you’d like to have a chat about how we may assist with your next project, we’d love to hear from you.