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Professional Food Photographer, Dubai, Qatar, Singapore

Food Photographer in Dubai, Qatar, Singapore and internationally

Food photography is as important as the menu! … and the job of the professional food photographer is to prove it and make you more profitable.

Restaurants, food manufacturers, wedding venues, catering organisations can all take advantage of the skills we have developed in this area. Delicious Food Photography is the hardest category in the still photography genre, it requires imagination, passion, tricks and lighting. The right angle, the right emphasis on critical focusing and the delicate art of balancing the plated items for the most effective use of colour.

We photograph food for restaurants, packaging, and magazine editorial projects and we have experience in working for high-end Dubai restaurants, graphic design and web design companies, grocery stores, catering companies, and cuisine manufacturers. As a prospective client you should know that you will get for your business creative food imagery, that in the final images look tasty through and professionalism applied to the task beyond expectation.

Peter Lane regularly shoots for the top echelon of chefs in Dubai, but also specialising in food and restaurant photography across Singapore, Qatar and the rest of the world. Having worked as a food photographer for over a decade, Peter Lane has collaborated with some of the nation’s top restaurants. Peter is an expert at bringing out the best elements of a dish, and, of course, at evoking hunger. Peter Lane specializes in exceptional food photography that makes food look as good as it tastes.

The Digital Menu – Food photography & cinema

Food photography is as important as the food we love to say. You’ll order not reading the ingredients but you’ll order what you see and what feels your mouth with taste and sensations.

We’ve photographed the menus of many Dubai restaurants but now is the right time for our digital menus that will sell your restaurant over the social media. We start cinematic food videography for restaurants and hotels, which covers not only the food but preps in the kitchen, team work and of course the final restaurant ambient experience. First 5 clients will get a huge discount or annual subscription.

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